Huski Wine Cooler Performance Test

Here's a sneak peek into the performance you can expect from a Huski Wine Cooler.  

This was a 7 hour preliminary product test to help understand the thermal efficiency of a Huski Wine Cooler.

The test indicated a Huski Wine Cooler kept the contents of the bottle cold for 3 hours and chilled for 6 hours

Bottles were stored in a standard household fridge prior to the test. We see some slight initial temperature variation, around 1 degree, likely either due to variance in contents initial temperature or variance in thermometer calibration. Testing environment was a room with no direct light. The liquid in the bottles was water. No wine was harmed in this test. Bottles were 750ml glass and all the same style OI A05 31255.

Huski Wine Cooler Performance Test Results

If you want to keep your wine at the perfect temperature, check out the new Huski Wine Cooler.

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This is not your typical wine cooler. The Huski Wine Cooler is an award-winning, high-performance cooler that keeps your wine at the perfect temperature for hours.